I just wanna live in a yurt. —Chris G.

Who would want to live in a yurt in the North Fork of the Flathead River, just outside Glacier National Park? On the one hand, it’s a romantic notion: nature, scenery, wildlife, and a simple way of living. On the other hand, there are grizzly bears, mountain lions, tons of snow, and not a landline in sight. Either we’re adventurous or we’re crazy … or we’re a little of both.

An escapee from the world of manufacturing and investment, and a freelance writer and manuscript editor, we met in the summer of 2011 and decided to take the leap of a lifetime. We packed our bags, plus our cats Smokey and Bosworth, and made the three-day trek from Chicago to Montana, our new home. Postcards from Polebridge will keep you posted on our progress, so stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “About the Postcard Senders

  1. Glad I found you, always wanting to learn more about our wonderful state of Montana, and the people who live and have lived here.


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